Not streaming yet and considering Bluesound Node 2i? What you need to know.

Two months ago question marks were orbiting my aching head. Now I have the 2i and an MHDT Orchid DAC. My real interest was getting decent radio over WiFi because my ethernet is on the wrong floor. The 2i one box budget solution was appealing. I got the 2i. Happy Days! I found the 2i playing Tunein radio over 5G WiFi decent. At least it beat my Sangean WFT-1 up pretty good. Adding the Orchid was stunning. How could free radio sound so good? Defined lows, vivid mids, nothing special up top but so coherent, musical and it swings - I could listen all day. Hey now, Music Streaming Services. How good could that be? Qobuz trial time. Hmm. The BluOS app acts as a remote control for the 2i telling it to stream and decode Tunein radio or Spotify directly from WiFi or Ethernet. Here’s the problem. The Node 2i can’t direct stream any music services except Spotify. You can only Bluetooth cast Qobuz (and others) to the Node from the BluOS app even if the Node is hardwired to ethernet and, believe me, the quality suffers. You can USB or Toslink to the 2i but then you don’t need the 2i at all if you’ve got a DAC. This is just an fyi, food for thought for the potential buyer. I’m quite pleased with Tunein Radio and the BluOS app is fun. Would do it again.
You need to add the music services to your Node2i.  I have a Node2 and stream both Tidal and Qobuz direct from the app.

Yeah, I have Bluesound Node products and they can directly stream, and are configured to natively support, Tidal, Qobuzz, Amazon, Deezer, etc., not merely Spotify.

I mean obviously you need an account with those streaming services to access them, but your hardware already supports it.
IIRC, when you first setup your Node2i, it only shows Spotify and TuneIn, (and MUSIC SERVICES). If you click on "Music Services", it will take you to a full list of streaming services. Click on each one you have. It will make you log into that service to verify you have an account. Once verified, the Node2i will automatically add it to your list in alphabetical order.
I don't think you understand how the Node 2i works. 

While it can connect over bluetooth, if you have it connected to your network via wifi or an ethernet connection and are using the BluOS interface, you're streaming over the internet, not Bluetooth.
Maybe the title should read "What I need to know".  I did sign into Qobuz under music services and it worked but the sound was tipped up, edgy and bright at times.   Cymbals were Loud and Forward.  Vinyl, CD and Tunein all sound great.  I had read (misread?) about casting and Airplay being limited to CD quality but with compression issues and the iPad did ask at one point for the Qobuz app's permission to use Bluetooth.  Maybe I'm casting instead of direct streaming.  AGHHH!
Check your iPad and see if it is connecting to the Node 2i via bluetooth in the Qobuz app.  My Node 2i would periodically connect via BT to my iPad or iPhone while Spotify is open as the default connection.  Sounds dull and lifeless at which point I click on the device icon on the lower left of the screen and it opens the dialog box. Then switch connection to Node 2i device, brief pause and BAM - good sound returns.  What I have done to stop the rogue BT connect is to turn off BT on both i-Devices since they're all on the same wifi network and I don't really stream BT to the Node 2i.
I'm a little confused.  Why are you using the Qobuz "app"?  You should be using the BluOS app for this.  Unless you're talking about the Qobuz "screens" within the BluOS app?  Not sure if this is actually an "app" since Qobuz does have it's own app, separately.
@wlutke BlueSound has a pretty decent user forum, you might try poking around there to see if you can find more information about how to set up your specific devices. 

As mofi said, if you're using the Qobuz app as opposed to connecting to Qobuz through the BluOS interface, you're probably connecting by Bluetooth.  I don't think there's a way to connect using internet directly from the Qobuz app, however if you connect to Qobuz (or anything else) through the BluOS interface, it should be via the internet.

The Spotify app (outside of BluOS) will let you connect to devices on your network, but the Qobuz and Tidal apps won't to the best of my knowledge.
Yes, I did delete the app and use BluOS.  I had CD and Hi -res next to the songs.  Pardon my confusion but the sound being tipped up was a deal killer anyway.  Good to know it does stream direct from the web though.  Thanks out to all you responders.  Next time I need help I'm going to post something wrong! lol!  
I'm surprised to hear you describe the sound as "tipped up", especially if you're using the Orchid as the DAC instead of the Node 2i's built in DAC.  It still sounds like something is amiss.
Could be but Tunein Radio uses the Orchid without a problem.  The only difference between that and Qobuz is the stream source.  The hardware chain is identical.  My system is quite sensitive to cables and front end so I'm going with that.  It's like Qobuz is throwing detail at me instead of presenting it in a coherent manner.
I'm pretty sure that TuneIn uses MP3 streams.  No way this can sound better than way.  Unless you are so used to MP3 that the much added detail of Qobuz, (or Tidal or Deezer) seems "tipped up" to you?  It's not.
I'm used to vinyl, CD and radio.  They're all coherent and tonally balanced.  I tried Joplin, Traffic, Canned Heat, Quicksilver Messinger Service, Beatles and Portishead that I have on vinyl and Qobuz got thumped soundly.   I know tipped up from ambience and true detail.
I agree with big_greg, something is amiss.  It should be pretty difficult to tell the difference between the CD album and the same album on Qobuz?

If you want to spend the time, completely reset your Node 2i to factory/out-of-the-box status and try again.
It seems that you may be Overlooking the most important reason to buy the 2i. You’re using it as if it was just a Sonos device. The 2i has MQA built in which enables much higher resolution streaming. Couple that together with Tidal, and the quality of the sound is far superior to the way you are using the 2i currently. The only challenge with the 2i is you must use its internal DAC to take advantage of MQA. You need to go from the 2i directly into your Pre though and bypass your external DAC. Try it and you will hear a significant difference. 

Not streaming yet and considering Bluesound Node 2i? What you need to know need to know that as soon as you buy a Node 2, a Node 3 will be released a month later.  Happens to me all the time
I connected my Node 2i using Cat 6 from my family room to my system located in my living room and subscribe to TIDAL.  I love the way TIDAL interfaces.  I like TIDAL much better than Amazon HD and will be dropping Amazon.
I meant to add.  I added a Pro-Ject DAC to my Blue Sound Node 2i connecting it by way of Audioquest Carbon digital coax cable and found I preferred the DAC inside the Blue Sound to be better.  For some reason, I like MQA.  Still don't know why MQA seems to sound better.  It would be helpful to learn more about how music is recorded, copied and sold.
I have node2i connected to a Jolida Glass FX tube dac, I stream Tidal and TuneIn , Amazon Music as well as stream FLAC files from a share on my PC. Works great. The Tidal Masters sound outstanding!. My system is JBL 4430's, Music Reference RM9, Scott tube Preamp. 
This thread is timely for me.  I just ordered a Naim SuperNait 2 and I already have the Orchid.  Currently running from a computer across the room to the Orchid and it is a pain.  I love the Orchid though.  I think I will order a 2i today and get it hooked up over the holidays.  Right now I mostly use Tidal, but I am also testing Amazon HD.  Looking forward to checking it all out on the Node.
Bright Audio.  Still old price $499 plus 10% discount for first order.  $450 total.  Mine was drop shipped from the distributor in about a week.
I considered the bluesound node but rejected the idea. It seemed like a $500 bandaid. Instead I bought a Hegel HD 30. Spectacular DAC, with streaming built in. The best way to hook it up is wired, but failing that, it can be used with an inexpensive WiFi to Ethernet bridge like the Airport express. It works with Quobuz, Audirvana, others, and does a much better job than most on airplay. Only thing missing is analog. For that I switched to the Hegel H590. Not cheap, but when you consider it replaces 3 boxes, well worth the money.