Not putting rack between speakers?

Hi everyone,

I'm in the market for new rack, and I've read in several places that it's best not to place your rack between your speakers. This makes sense to me, and the reflections off the rack and equipment would negatively affect the soundstage. Unfortunately, in my listening room it's not possible to place the equipment along a side wall, so I was thinking of purchasing two amp stands (one for my integrated and one for my CD/SACD player) to keep the profile low and minimize any soundstage degradation. This set up would also make it much easier to switch out cable, clean contacts, etc. Is there any downside to this? Does this seem like a reasonable solution? Anyone out there had good success with getting the rack out from between the speakers?

Thanks so much!
If you like crawling on the floor to change disks. You would do much better getting a Salamander Archtype rack. You can get a 2 or 3 or 5 shelf. Highly recommended! This rack is a very open design and will NOT kill your soundstage or depth or anything.
I have been using a very open architecture Billy Bags rack for the last seven years or so. I have found that even though the rack may be very open, it still can very negatively affect soundstage and imaging if placed too close to the speakers. You can see in the photo of my system how it is now configured, about 26" from the inside edge of the speakers to the edge of the rack. In the previous configuration, the audio rack was probably only 6" away on the left side speaker. The television was on a low open rack to the right of the audio rack and was also about 6" away from the right speaker. When I moved things around and got the speakers 2' away from the rack, the soundstage and imaging improved greatly. (The back of the speakers are aligned with the plane of the front of the television.) In comparison with systems I've heard that have no rack in center, my system is still slightly less than optimal, but much better than when things were more crowded. Like Scott, I just don't have any option but to leave the equipment rack in the center.
I have a 5.0 and 2.0 Salamander that I'm not using right now and they are very open. I use a semi suspended pARTicular Novus rack now and have the system in the middle but the backs of the speakers are a bit in front of the rack and it makes no difference than when I had the rack offset.
I like your solution, a little bit of a hassle but better than any multi level rack. Placing everything below the tweeters and the mids will definitely give a better sound stage and possibly a sound you like better, very system dependent. The lower everything in my system became the better everything sounded to me.
Sometimes you must, but then you can put an 'acoustic screen' in front of the rack, between the speakers. I use a Furtech Room Diffuser. Most people are surprised by the amount of acoustic energy that flies around the room when your speakers are playing. This energy hits all the components to one degree or another, no matter where the rack is placed. All surfaces are affected, whether in the front, back or sides. To get an idea of what the impact is on your rig, try placing all the components outside the room it self. While not practical on an ongoing basis it will tell you what is going on acoustically.
I already have my CD player on the bottom shelf, so having it on an amp stand won't be any different. Since I'm really only working off an integrated and a CD/SACD player, I shouldn't need more than two amp stands. Now, just need to decide on a good amp stand that is well isolatedÂ….

Thanks for your input everyone, and have a great Fathers' Day!