Not overdoing receiver cabling...

I am interested to see what advice the community can give me on cabling a home theater system with heavy music emphasis (concert DVDs and redbook). I am currently running an NAD T752 receiver with a Denon DVD-900 DVD player. The speakers are Wharfedale Diamonds (8.3 in front, Diamond Center, and 8.1 rears).

I've got Cardas and Tara Labs digital cables laying around to connect the DVD player to a coax digital input but am primarily concerned with speaker cables. My archive searches haven't yielded much on this specific topic and I'd love to know what others are doing with speaker cables in this situation.

So for a sub $1000 receiver with speakers that can biwire what does everyone suggest? So far I have found Audioquest GR-8 (old cable) closeout that could be biwired and span my front 3 speakers for roughly $150. The Canare 4S11 and Signal Cable suggestions also seem very popular. As an interim solution I am using simple 12ga zip cord and the sound is fine - I can't judge too critically yet as the receiver is new and unfamiliar (but sonically great in my view).

Is it worth running decent cables to the rear surrounds (my inclination is that it's not). At this kind of price point is it worth biwiring or should I just single wire with soild core copper as a jumper? What other issues have members faced in this situation?

My current inclination is probably to purchase 3 quality biwire cables for the front speakers and run standard zip cord or 4S11 to the rear. I already have the sub connected to my satisfaction.
I would leave "well enough" alone!! I would also leave the money in my wallet! I have spend significant money on cables over the years, but in my HT system (comparable to yours), I didn't hear a difference.

If you are worried about the jumpers, just strip about 4 inches of insulation off of the speaker end of the 12 gauge and feed it first through the bottom set of terminals and then to the top. Tighten both sets and you have instant jumpers.


I know that frank at signal cable offers a 30 day money back guarantee and others do this as well. it might be interesting to order two or three cables and see/hear if they're worth it. you'd be out shipping on the ones you don't want, but it might be a fun experience and at the very least, it might help you stop fretting over cables.