Not much buzz about BAT lately?

4 or 5 years ago, it seemed as though BAT was all the rage. I do not see nearly as much posted about them lately. Any reason why? Personally, I think their stuff is great, although I have not owned any of their equipment yet.

Just wondering,
just one very happy audiophile with my VK-P10SE and VK-51SE, they need months and months to run in but boy do they shine now.. Januarie comes the VK-600SE and the VK-D5 SE too. can't wait !
i'm totally hooked on BAT.
BAT does not subscribe to the 'flavor of the month' method of product release and, as such, is currently not a hot topic in the audio press. The 'buzz' in the industry tends to be about the latest rather than the most reliable or truly exceptional. This may be one reason why their glory seems a bit faded. In any case, I doubt issues exist with their products or services that would give pause to anyone in the market for a finely engineered piece of gear.

Incidently, the VK 55 was released this year, so they haven't completely dropped off the face of the Earth.
Here in Greece BAT is like a "shadow" you can't find all the products, no listening sessions at home, in fact listening to BAt is science-fiction, no good prices........... I strongly believe that BAT is a very good company but not "present" in my country.
typical of hi end audio, new line comes out, gets great press,then the press moves on, I do read the mags,but I never follow what they say,I just take it with a grain of salt, they are in the business of selling magazines,to do that they have to keep coming up with new and different stuff to review,just the nature of the beast. Iam sure some of their reviews are correct,but as always you have to hear for me a good indicator of good equipment is, what dealer sells it ? and for how long and do they stock it they know it and do they like it.

I have been in some " hi end stores" and asked about a certain product and they say yes we carry it, I say great do you have one to hear...then I was told"thats an order item"
To me thats not "carrying" it at all, thats just taking orders...stores like that hurt themselves and the manufacturer....just gives good reason to shop on the gon.

When i asked why they didnt have it, they said,"well we arent the warehouse for the manufacurer" etc...and no stores really stock gear these days etc....I said your competition does....they carry alot of hi end gear, and have alot on display and most in me that says alot about the manufacturer and the dealer....It means they get behind and believe in it, not just wait for some big review and take orders...I know I am getting off the track here...just seems BAT has a good reputation and people like it, but damn if i can find a store that stocks it and displays it, to the level of say Mcintosh dealer. The store i am talking about has just about everything of Mac on display and a fair amount in I said that says something