Not manufactured any more.

I'm looking at old Pics of speakers that I would love to see come back. 

I'll post two or three. What do you like? Post your DIY or that speaker that got away..

Enjoy the Holidays

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@ditusa i have a pair of DD-5500 inside the pool house,  along with some Talon Pheonix and Duntech Princess. 




I have several sets of Chinese Quads. Fit and finish is good, not German, but good. Components are average, beginning to fail at 15 years. Just in case you are still interested.

Have a  pair of 5jr's from Habitat...30?ish $ for undamaged black cabs and screens.  Just needed some typical tlc on the drivers, a good wipe-down on the cabs....
Same place I snagged the Utah horn and matching 12" pair in a Ugly ply boxes that couldn't claim beauty from Day One, 20$.

Sometimes one should step back as one proceeds onward, as there is what deserves a 2nd Listen.

It reminds you of Why. ;)


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