not loading a lot of the new movies

I have the Meridian 596 dvd player with the Meridian 568.2 digital surround pro and lately the dvd player is not loading the most current movies..Any of you Meridian 500 series dvd player owners experiencing this same problem?
Loading then it says "NO DISK"..Please dont tell me that my system is that dated!!!(smile)not reading the current formats
If dvd player could possibly be in need of repair which I refuse,anysuggestions for a dvd player which will perform as well and cheaper..Thanks in advance
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I don't own Meridian anymore but your 596 ain't that old; and I thought M*/company makes darn near the best.
I did talk to a rep. in Atlanta a few years back; maybe somebody has a contact #.???Maybe pick up one of those cheap but great Oppo players for 2 hundred while yours gets fixed???