Not happy with my refurbed MC225:

I just got my MX110z and MC225 back from a very reputable Mac service center and had everything brought up to spec. The sound is clearer but I lost the warm glowing tube sound really loved. Also to hit the sweet spot in volume I have to turn it up more than I want to.

My system:

Michell Gyro SE m2 with motor power supply upgrade.
Hadcock 242 w/ Grado 'The Reference'
Harbeth Compact 7es 3

I'm thinking that this is what the MC225 really sounds like and maybe I need a lower power amp. Maybe an SET?? I know my speakers arent super efficient.

Basically I want the warm sweet tube sound that I had before with the nice midrange I had before.

Maybe sell this one and get a non-refurbished MC225?

I just want the nice tube sound at 'talk over' volume.

Any suggestions??????
Maybe it nneds time to break in like the caps?
As Grinell suggested it may need break-in time. Withhold judgement of the upgrades until you've got 100-200 hours on it.
Unfortunately if you get another refurbished MC225, you'll probably end up in the same boat eventually due to their age and natural deterioration. Before you give up entirely on the MC225, I would recommend you first give it 30 - 60 days to break in. Then, I would ask the people that did the work what they think and if they have any suggetions on possibly different caps, etc. that they could try. Another suggestion is to contact Terry Dewick, who is a very well respected Mac guru and get his opinion. Finally, if none of that works for you, yes consider another amp. FYI, I had a MC225 for about 6 years and sold it to go SS. BIG mistake! I found out that tubes are where it is at for me. I'm currently using a Music Reference RM 10 MK II and I'm very happy with it. Not really tubey, but honest! Good luck and Happy New Year!