I have a transcendent grounded grid preamp,hooked up to a anthem a2 power amp 225 watts per,a pair of von schweikert vr3,I have very little gain,I will have the volume turned up to seven and it is just at a normal level. Is there any way I can increase volume. THanks Maxwell
The Transcendent grounded grid preamp uses 12au7's (gain of 20) at all stages, one of the lowest gain tubes in the 12??7 range.
You could change the input tube first for a 12at7 ( gain of 60)and see how you go. These 12at7's are interchangable with the 12au7 as are 12ay7's (gain of 40).

Cheers George
Your Anthem A2 is spec'd at 29db gain, with input sensitivity of 1.5v. The Grounded Grid preamp is spec'd at 12db gain, so you have a combined preamp/amp gain of 41db -- if anything, a bit on the high side. And the von Schweikert VR3 are 87db/w/m efficient. The only way you can have a problem is if your source has unusually low output (considerabily lower than the normal 2V out on CD players), or if there is a gain constriction in either your preamp or the input stage of your power amp, or your power amp output stage is not fully functioning, or there is something unusually wrong in the speaker crossover dramatically sucking power. Or the preamp has an unusually shallow taper. You're not lacking gain -- if anything you have surplus gain to scrub off.

I don't think that there is anything you will be able to do other than to get a different preamp. I have experimented vintage equipment myself. Amps are one thing but I wouldn't use a vintage preamp. It's just too important a component and, I feel, that the newer ones are much better than vintage.
Maxwell: ...I have very little gain. I will have the volume turned up to seven and it is just at a normal level."

'7' compared to what? Most level controls start at zero at 7-o'clock, so you must mean something else.

If you're able to operate your level control in the highest quarter of rotation, you system's gain structure is just about right. Most music systems have too much gain and must be operated with the preamp in its 'cut' range instead of its 'gain' range. Lots of us seem to think that something bad is happening if a preamp is operated near or at its highest-gain range; it's NOT bad, it's good.

So...what does '7' mean? And can your system play as loudly as you want it to?
Agree with Jeffreybehr. I much prefer the volume control past the 12 o'clock position and closer to 2 or 3 o'clock for normal listening. I assume 7 is at the top end of the range. What happens when you move the volume control higher, say all the way to full open?