Not Another Purist Dominus Thread B vs C?

My apologies for posting the number 2 million thread on Purist Audio, but after surfing thru the previous posts for a while I could not quite find the answer to this question. The Purist Dominus Rev B IC's are showing up on Agon at reasonable prices. I have a Rev B digital cable which I love, so tempted to go further. The questions is - how competitive are the B's vs the C's? Key differences? How do th eDominus B's stack up vs the newer Purist cables like Provectus, Venustas, and Aqueous Anniversary? I recenlty purchased a pair of Venustas to go from my phono pre to my pre, and a pair of Aq. Anniv. to go from pre to amps. Would Dominus B be "better" in either location?
Call Purist. They are honest and can explain the differences better than anyone.