Not a thread. A request for help about VS VR-6

Hi everybody,
I am waiting for a pair of second hand Von Schweikert VR-6 that I bought recently online. The problem is that I don't have a user's manual or even a booklet with the specs. There were sites on Internet displaying the specs of these speakers, but I don't know why they are no longer available. I addressed VSA and they send immediately a reply, but unfortunately they are not able to help. The flood has destroyed all their archives. Now my only hope is the community of VSA owners. If someone of you, guys, has any information or manual about VR-6, pls, help me.
N. Milkov
I did a search for reviews on the vr6 and the only thing that came up was a review on audio asylum. Some basic specs were listed.

Its not an owners manual but it may be of some use. You may also want to try locating info on other speakers in the vr line that are close to your 6's. It won't be perfect, of course, but it may be able to point you in the right direction.

I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure any questions you have can be answered by someone on this web site. Someone's always willing to help out on audiogon.
In fact I registered at the specialized VSA forum in with the same question. Albert in person replied and asked for my e-mail. He wrote that he will try to restore some data from personal notes he is still keeping. Later on he sent me the specs of VR-6 and instructions about instalation and breaking in. Actually the instructions are for VR-5 but the explanation is that they are all the same for the 6's. In couple of days I will receive the manual as well. I am amazed from the attitude and the integrity of this man.