Nostalgia and audio systems, time of life and attachment to audio systems?

Hi all.  I am older and have had many systems of some well regarded items that most of your would know.  As I look back on the systems/items I have had, it seems like my feelings and thoughts of those systems/items is impacted by my life at the time.  From family and friends, to my work, my home/listening room, what city/area I lived in, the access to live performances and more.
I am retired now and part of the advantage of aging is the ability to look back on many times, people and more and become valuing those times, people and places.
The system I had that I remember the most fondly is also the time of my life when I was in the most satisfying relationship, racing at Road America, taking trips to Kobenhavn, NYC, Chicago,,,and more. 
I guess what I am feeling/saying that in my life it seems there was a convergence or critical mass that I reached at times that were, at the very least, quite special.
Do you feel that your have also had those "sweet spots" in your life's journey and how that umbrella of thought/life had impact on what you thought/felt about the system you had at the time?
The advantage of aging, if you do it right/well, is wisdom.  And one should not confuse wisdom with education....there are plenty of well educated idiots............just look at politicians.  

When I moved into a smaller space (and my former wife cost me some serious money) I sold my main system which was Magnepan 20 speakers, C.J. ART pre, Classe 300, Magnum Dynalab 108 and all Wireworld Gold Eclipse wires....and a nice house with a very good listening room. Now in a rental space I am using my former bedroom system as my only system, Magnum Dynalab receiver, small Quad brand speakers, still all Wireworld wires, an Oppo, Sony and Pioneer CD players. And this system is satisfying.

Op, I get it.  I too am retired and from time to time I look back at my audio journey. It's like my systems reflected the state of my life at that time.