NOS Western Electric 101D "tennis ball" tube

I own the Coincident Statement 101D Line Stage and am using it with a matched pair of Psvane 101D-L Western Electric replica tubes.

I am curious whether anyone on this Forum has used NOS Western Electric 101D tubes in the Coincident Line Stage and, if so, how did these tubes compare to either the stock tubes or the Psvane replica tubes?

I am also interested to know the current market price of a matched pair of these NOS Western Electric tubes. Thank you for any feedback.
Some 101f tennis ball tube on Ebay. That can indicate cost.

An Ebay seller from Hong Kong has a matched pair of WE 101D tubes going for the paltry sum of $2999.00. I think I will pass on those.
You might want to consider taking out a subscription to Antique Radio Classified, and placing a want ad there. I wouldn't be surprised if some of their subscribers have NOS WE 101D's they would be willing to sell at reasonable prices.

Also, you might want to consider trying to obtain some of the later version WE 101D's that were issued in a more modern domed bulb style, rather than the original tennis ball style. A WE datasheet issued in 1941 for the newer version of the tube states that:
This tube replaces the D-86326 tube and has been assigned the old code number 101D. It includes an improved filament, a new mechanical design using transverse mica supports and is mounted in a dome type bulb. The electrical characteristics are essentially the same as for the D-86326 tube.
-- Al

Thank you very much your advice. I will definitely subscribe to Antique Radio Classified.

I have seen the WE dome style bulbs at a much cheaper price.

Hopefully, I will receive some feedback from an Audiogon member who has actually used the WE 101D in the Coincident Statement Line Stage.
You're welcome! The print edition of Antique Radio Classified seems to be getting published very infrequently in the last couple of years, so what I'd suggest is a web-only subscription. You would then be able to place free want ads that would appear in an email ARC sends to all subscribers theoretically every week, but sometimes not quite that often, which contains all recently submitted classified ads.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al

I am now reading some of the archived content on Antique Radio Classified. It looks like a very useful resource. Thanks again for pointing me in this direction.
Be sure to check the type of pins on these 101Ds. Some are 300b type (2 thick and 2 fhin pins). Other versions have 4 pins of equal thickness. I believe adapter plates are available.
Good point, Charles. According to datasheets I have for the original WE tubes (in the book "Western Electric Tube Data" published by Antique Electronic Supply), both the tennis ball and dome versions of the vintage WE tube had 4 pins of equal thickness. Does that correspond to the configuration of the sockets on the CSLS?

Best regards,
-- Al
Charles and Al,

The 101D tube sockets used in the Coincident Line Stage do indeed require two pins that are thicker than the other two. So it appears the WE 101D may not be suitable replacement for the Coincident Line Stage without first making a modification to the tube sockets.

The question now becomes whether any Audiogon member has made this modification just to try these tubes.

Thank you for your continued contributions to this thread.

When you have a spare moment your insight would be welcome in the ongoing Elrog v. Takatsuki thread; especially as it may relate to some of the discussion taking place the past two days. Thanks.
I went down this path as I had a line on a matched pair of ANOS available for $600. Before I pulled the trigger I called Israel, he was adamant that was a bad move as the CLS designed to work best with the specs of the modern variants of the 101d, and the sockets wouldn't be easy to replace either.

Given lessons of the variability of modern 300B's vs. the originals I was concerned that the 101d might be the same kettle of fish. Further, Israel's passion against it convinced me to drop the idea. Like you, I'd love to hear from anyone that has done it, and what sonic changes ensued?