NOS Tubes for Xindak SCD-2 SACD Player

Mine currently has JJ Electronics E88CC.

Just to give you a little idea of my setup, I am using the Xindak SCD-2 to drive my monoblocks directly without a preamp. That makes the tube choice for the CD player all the more important since this is my only chance to "voice" the system.

Here is the setup at the moment:

Front end :Xindak SCD-2 SACD Player with volume attenuator

Power Amps : Ming-Da MC300B-845A dual chassis monoblocks with two 845 Output tubes driven by two 300Bs, two 12AU7s and one 6H8C per channel. Interesting setup (and way too many tubes).

Interconnects between the Front end and the Power Amp : 0.5m Audioquest Quartz RCA (will soon be upgraded to Cardas Golden Reference of the same length)

Speakers : Martin Logan Aerius i's (may be upgraded to Ascent i's or even Prodigy eventually)

Speaker Cable : Xindak SF-2 (will soon be upgraded to Cardas Golden Reference 1m)