NOS tube replacement in Sonic frontiers Line 3

Which are the most critical tube positions in the Sonic Frontiers Line 3 preamp for tube rolling?
I just bought my Sonic Frontiers Line 3 so I don't know any of the tubes or positions but Chris at the Parts connexion is going to install 1 pair PEARL CryoValves in my Line 3 while he is upgrading it to SE+ status. The others are going to be 6H23P with two CK5065 tubes. After I get it back I will let you know what tube positions he installs the PEARLs in if your are interested?
OK, Please let me know where Chris installs the PEARL Cryo Values when your Pre returns.


In my Line 3 the most important tubes were the two 6922 at the back of the pre-amp behind the output caps, beside the 6GH8A tubes. I replaced these with a set of early 60's Siemens CCa's These gave the pre a slighly warmer-less analytical sound. Also gave a bit more authority in the bass region.

I also replaced all the other 6922's LV3-LV6 and V3-V6 with NOS early 70's amprex E188cc, this was also an improvement in the sound.

You can go to the Anthem site, there is still all the operating manuals for Chris's products.

You might also pick up the phone and call Chris...a super human being to deal with, I'm sure he can and will answer all your questions