NOS Tube cleaning

Is there any easy way to clean rusted dirty pins of NOS tubes , your suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

As Bob linked to and this as well:

My personal favorite for two decades.
Albert, which eraser do you recommend from the link you posted?
I like this one:

The knob turns to dispense more brush as it wears down. Refills available in fine and coarse as needed, just drop in and reuse the metal holder.

Good posts, everyone!
Albert, what do you do for tube sockets?

I've used small brushes designed to fit tube sockets, I don't remember now where I got them.

End results and time required did not equal benefit received. Then again, NOS tubes, many going back to 1940s and 1950s are far more in need of cleaning than (relatively) new high end equipment sockets.

Thanks, Albert.

Now, I recall someone mentioning the same approach...using dental brushes to access the interior of tube sockets; however, I wonder what happens to the debris dislodged by mechanical means...if it were me, I might follow-up with a vacuum as a final step.

C1ferrari, Dynaclear. Look like small bottle brushes. I still have a pair, (for cleaning tube sockets).
Thanks Albert and everyone else.
Audio Advisor may be one of the places that sold those tiny tube socket brushes. This place has some that look similar. I don't know anything about this dealer, or these brushes. Link.