NOS TDA 1541

Have any heard or used this chip in this way and what are/were your impressions?Thank you.

The Abington Music research top of the line AMR CD-777 designed by renown digital guru Thorsten Losech use this  NOS TDA 1541, I’ve heard one at a reviewers home with Redbook cd through a very good system Wilson Alexia’s etc, and must say it was a massive wow moment.

Cheers George

Does it make a significant difference if done by DIYERS on CD players or dacs? 

Depends if they know their stuff or not, it’s just not about the TDA5141 d/a chip then there’s a host of other things as well, it has to be implemented right, especially using todays thinking on the I/V (current to voltage) stage after the dac. There has been massive improvements made here, using zero feedback transconductance amps, instead of the usual text book opamps or passive resistors.

I think a good option maybe for you is to get a well reviewed dac that has the TDA1541 in it cheap, here is a big download list for you to look at. Be patient it’s big.

Then get whoever your diyer is to give it a good I/V stage, use this one here I started, your diyer should know how to do it.

Cheers George

George, the less expensive CD-777 uses the Philips UDA1305AT chip while the more expensive CD-77 uses the TDA1541.  Which one did you hear?

I've heard both,

The DP-777 Dac has less costly alias "UDA1305AT" a Multibit 16-Bit DAC chip which is a bit of an odd one which the real identity Thorsten keeps to himself. This dac's sound is very good on redbook cd. but it states sopmewhere the DP777 uses a different DS dac convertor with dsd, that is said just to be a token gesture for the dsd crowd.  

The CD-777 has the Classic very sort after TDA1541 and this is the one he really did magic with, and I preferred it even though I heard it on different systems.

Cheers George  

Gentleman I purchased the player from used a link to do the NOS upgrade.If the upgrade he performed refers to the link above,well that I don't know.
Was told that NOS TDA had more sparkle just recently.