Nos Shure vn45he stylus distortion

Hi folks,
Picked this stylus up for my V-15 type1v cart.Hooked it up and adjusted alignment and tracking force to 1g.All I get is serious distortion in both channels. I guess this is a case of dryed up cantilever suspension!
Is there any hope for this stylus,anything can be done to loosen the suspension?
It appears that the v15 type IV is one to avoid NOS or used.
Here is a quote from an experienced Ebay buyer/seller of NOS cartridges that I saved for reference:

"My experience is:
Grados - no problems
Audio Technica - no problems with originals, I've had seized up 'replacement' styli
Shure - older designs seem to be fine. Several very stiff V15/4 examples, though.
Empire - all have been fine"