NOS Ortofon VMS 30 MkII

I just bought a NOS/NIB Ortofon VMS 30 MkII (haven't received it yet). I'm wondering how these old Ortofon moving iron designs hold up against age (it's 20 years old!). I've read both positive and negative comments about NOS cartridges. It seems that some brands hold up better than others. Has anybody had NOS experiences with this model (or others from the VMS line)? Are the potential problems limited to the stylus part or is it likely that the rest of the cartridge will be affected too?
Assuming the unit has been kept in a reasonably normal environment temperature and humidity and pollutants wise, the only part that can simply deteriorate from age alone is the elatomeric (synthetic rubber) suspension. Unfortunately elastomers weren't as durable 20 years ago as they are now, so it's sort of a crap shoot whether a given unit will be OK. It might work for awhile only to collapse, or it might not collapse but have become so hardened from age that it doesn't have the compliance (springiness) necessary for proper tracking/tracing of the grooves. If it doesn't give satisfactory performance, it can be rebuilt. The question is would it be worth it . . . . . .
I've brought several old cartridges back from the dead by applying a tiny amount of "Re-Grip" to the suspension with a toothpick. This rubber revitalizer(ordinarily used on tape deck pinch roller and other hardened rubber parts) is available from and should probably be considered a last resort, but I've used it with great success on ancient cartridge styli from ADC and Sonus. Good luck, Dave
I can say that the one I own, and am selling on this site, works perfectly...

I used it with a Sonus (think Mayware) Formula IV unipivot arm, where I think it's probably most at home (it's one that you often hear is best for such arms), although it worked just as good on my father's RB300.
OK, Thanks. I'll try "Re-Grip" if it becomes necessary.
I have an old VMS 20 Mk11 Ortofon that so far has not shown any problems.I believe the problem of deterioration from age is more acute with moving coil cartridges than with this moving magnet/iron type.I would not worry about it actually and Ortofon still have a replacement stylus available for this model,even though it is the same now for the VMS 20 and 30 models.
Well I live in Denmark...:-)

I plan to use mine in my Thorens TD150MkII/SME 3009S2improved setup.
I use my NOS VMS 20 MK 2 on my Grace 707 which is a low mass tonearm, The 20 seems to be fairly high compliance so it really takes well to this tonearm. The cantilever has a fair bit of movement (as is typical for this cartridge) so it tracks very well. At first I thought the suspension was bagged but after 6 months it has not changed or collapsed. I track at 1.5 and the sound is pure VMS ---that is to say great PRAT (timing) great soundstage and a touch of warmth. You will really enjoy the 30. Good luck !
I can't wait to hear it now! (should arrive any day now). I bought an original D 30 Mk II stylus just to be on the safe side. Hmm, it seems that turntablebasics doesn't sell re-grip outside the US for some reason (hopefully I won't be needing it). Thanks for the feedback.
I bought the VMS20e MkII new in 1980 (discounted to $55!) and am still using it today. I replace the stylus every year or two, which are amazingly still available. It's in a Thorens TP30 low-mass (7.5g) tonearm. The 20 has a nude elliptical stylus, and is designed for low-mass tonearms, VTF 1.0g. The 30 has a fine-line stylus, and a stiffer suspension for use with tonearms with slightly more effective mass (10g?) 1.3g VTF, the body is identical between the two. When well-matched to a tonearm with good cables and electronics it's remarkable how good this cart continues to sound even against the best MMs and many high-output MCs. All bets off vs the better modern MCs out there though (duh).