NOS EL 84's for my Stingray. Mullard, Tele, RCA?

I have just tried some Telefunken ECC81 12AT7's in the front end of my Stingray. Thanks to those who responded to my earlier thread as these tubes are a marked upgrade to the EI tubes the amp shipped with. Much clearer and did not sacrfice bass or weight at all.
I am interested in NOS EL 84's now to finish the job and my budget tops at $400.00. Jeeeeeeezzzz-----I am old enough to remember dad buying output tubes for $5.00!!!!! Oh well.
My choices currently available are:
RCA EL84 (true new old stock)
Mullard EL84 (used)
Telefunken (used)
All are within 350-400 bucks for the octet (8 tubes)
Well, I got to make a decision deaf here so, any opinions or experience?
I see you haven't had any responses here, so I'll try a couple of suggestions. First, try doing a search on EL84 in the tube section of Audioasylum ( Second, when I researched this the common wisdom was that the nos Phillips were the best. For current production I would suggest JJ. There are several dealers, but I have had really good luck with Eurotubes ( They can provide you with a very tightly matched octet at a very reasonable price. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the input. I will go check the AA site.