What is a good NOS DAC in the $200.00 range? I know I saw at least one. Pre-owned is fine.
What does NOS mean?

Pre-owned is not NOS (New - Old Stock).

NOS DAC means non- oversampling,
Non-oversampling is what I believe is being referred to as "NOS."
I believe NOS in this case refers to non-oversampling.
for DACs it means Not Over Sampling

in other words it samples CDs at 16 bits 44.1KHz and not some higher numbers

take a look at Scott Nixon or Wavelength DACs for more info
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Back to the subject at hand :-)

I've recently seen several of the original (series 1.x) Ack dAcks here on Audiogon for around $200. This is a good buy, IMO. I had both the l.2 and the 2.0 models and subsequently went to a one-box CDP (Raysonic CD 128), but the Ack dAcks were no slouches. Dave
Get an Ack! dac and upgrade the output cap and you will be amazed.
I have a Moodlab DICE, not quite $20, but perhaps you can find a used one