Last night I went to pick up some cables I ordered through a dealer locally. Although I was only there to pick up $100.00 dollar cables, he treated me to a short listening session of Joseph Audio and Totem speakers, Bel Canto and Sim Audio equipment, and some other things that was really new to me. I told him I didn't want to buy any new equipment right now due to work being slow. He was no pushy salesman, he seemed to actually just enjoy showing of the equipment he sells and owns. Now my question. He gave me a cd player to audition, no strings attached. I'm a research freak, but I can find no info on this thing. On the front, it says NOS Audio Mu2 CDP, on the back It has a tag that says NOS Audio Toronto Canada. Anyone heard of this?
A quick Google search came up with a Soundstage blurb from 2000:

The source is a heavily modified CD player, the NOS Audio Mu2 ($1800). This is a top-of-the-line player in which Michael Thompson of Toronto’s Executive Stereo has replaced the usual DAC with a transformer DAC. This technique is not unheard of, but it is rare and usually part of very expensive players. Thompson, a personable electronic artist, explains that a specially built transformer performs all the necessary analog junctions, including current-to-voltage conversion and low-pass filtering, while allowing wideband isolation of the digital and analog sections. He goes to great pains to point out that this system generates no noise because of the passive nature of transformer amplification. He points out that the distortion and phase characteristics of transformers compensate for negative recording and digital artifacts within CDs. However, the player is not totally amplifier free: A buffer amp provides the constant load necessary for the transformer and, Thompson says, adds the least amount of noise of any type of amplifier.

Don't know if this is the identical player since this was nine years ago, but it is certainly the manufacturer. I'll let you take it from there.
Thanks for your response. It was the only info I could find. I e-mailed the company that made the cdp and they were somewhat excited to tell me the story of it. Apparently there were only about 40 made. They are heavily modded Sherwood models. They also seemed very intrigued on where I got it. I know it sound awesome. Thanks again Jax2.