NOS 2a3 tubes

I've already tracked down some vintage (1945) Sylvania 6sl7 vt-229's and a Amperex metal base (1955) 5ar4, but I still need (2) nos 2a3 power tube for my Moth Si2a3. What I'm looking for are some RCA early 40's (blk) bi-plates with the "meatball" (round RCA) logo. i prefer nos but good anos will work too. I know there out there but - like all good tubes - hard to find. I've posted my query on AA as well, thanks in advance. I've already decided, but has anyone else mated a similiar speaker to a DHT 2a3 amp? My speakers are the Silverline Sonatinas; 93 dbs, stable 8 ohm load, simple xover, daul 6" woofers. The Moth Si2a3 puts out 3wpc.
Sounds like a nice system (I'm, jealous:-), good luck on the tubes.
To get the best out of the DHT 2a3 amp, you have to use very efficient speakers(more than 105db/m) like altec, we or jbl. I'm a DHT 2a3 amp user too, I using the DHT 2a3 only for the mid/high in my bi-amp altec horn speakers.
If you need to buy 2a3 tube, please let me know since I have some spare RCA 2a3 tubes.
Edle> Thank you for your sharing your experience. I've batted this around (like all changes) quite a bit, having received replys that it could work, will work, won't really work the way you want; that if you push the amp too much you'll lose the 2a3 (set) magic. After much consideration, I've decided to take a change and find out for myself, in my application what tis specific combo can do. Back to your RCA tubes, YES I'm very interested. What might you have? Gray plates? Blk bi-plates? What vintage? New, used test as good or what? And if you have a 2a3 amp, why are you looking to sell your stock? What is the typical life of the 2a3 tube, IYE? Like I said I'm looking for some RCA early 40's blk bi-plates or KEN-RAD (40's) bi-plates. Thanks MikE.