NOS 12AU7s with Ayon amps

Just ordered an Ayon Spirit 2 - would like to know what NOS 12AU7s folks may be using with Ayon amps in general if not specific to the Spirit

I would try the German TAD 12AU7 tubes. I replaced the Electro Harmonix with the TAD's and it was quite nice. They are not NOS tubes, but it was an improvement.

The Ayon Spirit II is an excelent amp -
It depends. If you like a warmer, sweeter sound; go with something from Britain(Mullard/Brimar). If more detail and transparency is your cup of tea; something from Germany(Telefunken/Siemens). Amperex offerings will get you somewhere between those two. Just don't skimp on your purchase, or you'll rob yourself of much musical enjoyment.
Thanks guys, I also have a Rogue Cronus Magnum , it came with Sylvania & I have Siemens in it now - different presentations but I like it with either. Will experiement per normal.

RFT is not an expensive tube, but I like them. Priced so that you can give them a try and judge for yourself. Also lived with Electroharmonix, Telefunk, Sylvania, JAN, etc. Not interested in the ultra $$, but I agree with Rodman99999 that you don't want to go cheap.
My friend who purchased my Spirit when I upgraded to the Triton amp, well both of us just replaced the 12AU7 tubes on the Triton Amp and the on the Spirit with the RCA NOS tubes - an incredible 100% improvement over the TAD German 12AU7 tubes, which are the stock tubes. Much more precise and to put it into simple terms, a live soundstage. NOS is the only way to go, for sure, they are truly excellent.
I would second the RCA recommedation, both Blackgate or Clear Tops. The Clear Tops as pretty avaaible and not too expensive yet. Try Brent Jesse or Vintage Tube Services for these and other options.
I tried Amperex, RCS, Siemmens and Telefunken for my Jadis DA50S - I ended up liking the Telefunkens NOS for speed and resolution with the KT88 output valves. - Fernando
I still only have about 15-20 hours on the Spirit 2 and set it up with Sylvania's - EC882 & a 5814 - one of each on each side - like the sound ; after awhileI am going to try RFTs that I bought. Also, to the point a couple of you made about the RCAs, Paul at USA Tube Audio emailed me the other night about trying the RCAs with this amp , so I'll plan on giving them a whirl given his and your recommendations
I'm in too! Just ordered a sextet of RCA's from Paul...
Recently swapped out the Sylanias with RCA chrome tops - like them better with the Spirit 2