NorthStar dac's

I was reading up on this company from Italy called NorthStar where they have 2 dac's, the Model 3 24/96 and the Model192 24/192. They also have a model 4 but this is just a upsample module at 24/96.
There was a review on both at TNT Audio where the review was good.
I would like to hear from anyone who is using or tried this dac's on how you liked them, how they sounded & perphas even how they compared to other dac's!
BTW, the Model 3 & 4 now is only available as a Kit version only!
Thanks in advance!
Ramesh, my friend has one the 192 and says it sounds really good. I'll have to listen to it and judge for myself. Anyone selling it in S'pore? email me at Yahoo! Email is working now.

Dear Ramesh,
I have bought the North Star 192 (upsampler and dac) from the Greek distributor one month ago. I am using it with my Micromega Stage 2 as a transport and have seen a big difference especially in vocals which are becoming analog like (but not quite). I am sure that if I change to a real transport I will see a big improvement also.
The comments I have seen for the model 4 (upsampler only) in Greek audio magazines mention it as a bargain. Also from what I know everyone who has heard the 192 has bought it including one selling his Meridian 563 and one his Theta Data.
My system
Michell Gyrodec/SME 309/Clearaudio GammaS
Micromega stage 2 / North Star 192
Musical Fidelity Nuvista/ Nuvista 300
Von Schweikert VR4 Gen II

Best of luck
I'm listening to the North Star 192 as I'm typing this. Fabulous and frightening difference between it and the 24/96 upsampling MSB Link III that I have as well. I listen through Sennheiser HD 600 headphones and the difference is obvious with better definition and soundstage and bass resolution, better tympany on snare drums; more 'airy' overall. I can only imagine how the difference would be with great speakers. (Unfortunately my dedicated music room has to await house renovation). Now the best part; the MSB lists just under $700US. The NorthStar 192 will probably cost me...under $700US...TOTAL!
Follow up posting. I should have made it more clear that the cost of the North Star 192 is actually around $1200, but my price was a limited offer to get word of mouth amongst friends up here in Canada.