North Star Impulso Dac

I have had a good number of dacs this Impulso dac I have in my second system.I have owned north star digital in the past and it is always musical.
This new dac has the Sabre 9016S - select tested dac chipset.the interior parts quality is very good it uses a dual fuse circuit which I replaced
With a Furutech fuses that give this dac an even more clear low level clarity. One thing I noticed after breakin which was after 10 days
The soundstage is very good and extends outside the speakers and is
Very airy with a decent recording.the midrange is very fleshed out
and detailed, with a slightly warm character,but not as warm as a Burr Brown chipset, such as the $800 Teac unit. I feel this unit has better balance .the Bass is fast and detailed more so then full and slow.
The DSD downloads I bought truly transform this dac with a very natural
Highly detailed presentation.for a dac that retails for $1250 this is a true bargain and money well spent,and it is designed,built,and tested in Italy
And is serviced here in the U.S . Some of the Chinese units have to
Be shipped back to China if there ever was a problem. P.s the Asynchronous USB-2
Is the best sounding connection.i have this using Wireworld Silver starlight USB cables,running with a Auraliti
P.K-90 digital player which is Excellent,with a 2T external hard drive with Dsd files,Flac,and Wav Files and controlled by my IPad .
I forgot to mention I negotiated a few bucks off to make it an even better deal.