North Star Design USB DAC32

On a thread from a couple of weeks ago when a member wanted information on a USB DAC I shared that I was working on a review of the North Star Design USB DAC32 for the website, were I'm a staff reviewer.

The review was posted today. Those who are looking for a great sounding USB DAC, for around 3K, but you can get it for almost have the price, might want to take a look at the review for details why I think it competes with digital pieces up to 8K.

By the way, Clement Perry of Stereo picked this DAC has one of his recommendations of 2011 for BEST of the year gear.

I just read your review. I've been looking at this DAC.
My biggest questions on a piece like this:

Who services the DAC if there are any problems?

My concerns arise from having friends who've owned
Exposure amps & Linn digital products.
Turnaround times can be very long when the unit has to be sent offshore for service..

Hi Daniel141,

I understand your concerns regarding servicing. The importer and retailer is Athony Perrotta, of Perotta Consulting, who could answer any of your questions in this area. His phone number is 877-289-2014. In the past I have purchased many items from Athony such as Pass Labs and Stealth wires and find him to be a great guy to do business with. Very honest and stands by what he sells. If you give him a call say hello for me. I'm sure you could setup an audition with him to see if you like the USB DAC32 in your system. It's a real killer in performance and what you would be able to purchase it for from Athony makes it a real amazing bargain.

I don't have the funds to buy one of these right now.
I just bought my dream amp, a Rowland 625.
I did miss out on one of these recently, here in Phoenix.
It was almost new & the seller was going in another direction. It sold by the time I saw the listing..
I will keep this on my short list for DACS..

Thanks for all the info!
Hi Danielk141,

Congrats on your Rowland 625, hope you enjoy it. If your budget for stereo gear has run dry for right now, I understand how that goes. Just want to let you know that Perotta right now on the GON has a mint demo for sell for $1550.00, just a great price for this piece. So, maybe you could fit it in with your new Rowland!