North Florida Audio Society Jacksonville area

One of our motto: "Yes were have audiophiles up here in North Florida as well!"

We are a brand new new Audio Society here in Jacksonville area and we just had our first meeting a few weeks ago.

If you want to attend our next meeting the location is:

June 11 (Friday) at 6:30 PM
House of Stereo
8780 Perimeter Park Court
Jacksonville, FL 32216-2285

Everyone is welcome, but I would highly recommend contacting me so I can get to know you better.

I'm Jonathan Cohen, my email is and my cell is 386-569-0528. Emailing is better but calling me is ok!

Note: If you live up in GA you can come to the meeting as well. :)

And that's it, more info get in contact with me.
The meeting is getting closer and if you want to know about DACs that is one of the topics we are going to talk about!
I plan on attending on the 11th.
Good to hear! If you want to bring in your references CDs/Vinyl bring them!