North East Florida Audio Society

October 20th from 4pm to 8pm we will be meeting at House of Stereo in Jacksonville FL. Meeting focus will be on DACs with multiple manufacturers and price points represented. In addition we are inviting participants to bring their own also. Hosted by the new owner of House of Stereo, Joe Parvey. Enjoy meeting local audiophiles and see the new lines this fine brick and mortar store with a long history supporting the local community has added to their in store displays. Join us as we enjoy listening to differences and similarities of some excellent DACs all compared in a state of the art system. Also check out and officially join NEFAS on our “Meetup” page.

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I have not seen Magico there but I am not up on the many new brands they are arranging to represent.  
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I suggest you contact House of Stereo
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Quick reminder to join us at House of Stereo this Saturday the 20th from 4pm to 8pm. We will be listening to some state of the art systems by TAD (pre, amp, and speakers), T+A, Ayre, Magnepan, and others. The meeting is focused on Digital playback with Wolf Audio supplying their servers. DACs by T+A, Exogal, and Ayre will be compared in a single system. Attendees are invited to bring their own DACs to share also. Light snacks will be provided. Join us on our Meetup page.