North Creek speakers???

Anyone have experience with the North Creek Music Rhythm speakers? I know they come in a variety of flavors (with and without ScanSpeak Revelators, crossover options, etc.) and they get rave reviews on audioreview but I'm more inclined to trust a'gon opinions. Any and all observations will be most welcome.
BWill :I have heard the rhythm, like it very much, and consider it a very good buy. Just read your "How much to spend on speakers" post (I agree with you) and in one post there I suggested the Rhythm to the poster. I respect George Short the owner.

Karl Desch, who posts here, just put together a pair, and I hope he comes in with his thoughts. NCs have been brought up before here with few responses so I don't think too many agoners use them. Part of the problem is that they are difficult to audition. Ironically, this is also one of the good things because it means the incrediable costs of retail floorspace/marketing (usually more costly I think than the price of making a speaker) are not passed onto the buyer. But even beyond that, they are good because the design and components are first rate.

I remain
I have been enjoying a pair of the Rhythm Revelator Signatures for about 2 weeks now. I had Lee Taylor make the cabinets and external xo boxes- took him about 6 weeks to complete my order but his quality of veneer and construction is outstanding (his cabinets use thicker MDF than outlined in the North Creek plans and an integrated port/rear access panel.)

I would not call myself a DIY'r. I have been wanting new speakers for several years and I auditioned Vandersteen 3 Sigs (loved them), Dunlavy IV's, Proac 2.5's, Verity Audio, a bunch of different Dynaudio's and Audio Physics. While almost all of these speakers were really enjoyable I just balked at the price (except Vandy's)

Looking at the North Creek site was pretty convincing. I liked their emphasis on integrating top quality drivers with high end crossover parts and design. I thought their design goals for the Rhythm matched my criteria for new speakers - full range, great imaging and a touch of euphonics. I also read a lot of reviews on the web.

Eventually it came down to the Rhythms or the Vandersteen's. I bit the bullet and went for the North Creek's for a change (I've had Vandy 2ci's for 8 years.)

I have to say I'm in the zone right now with these Rhythms. They've motivated me to buy a lot of new music. They have started to break in and I've got the placement down in my room. They are exactly as represented on the NC site. Imaging kings. Great clarity, non fatiguing and musical, and full range (except that the 20-30hz range output is pretty quiet thus far.) I think they are more natural sounding than the entry level Verity's, less bulky than the Dunlavy's and Vandy's and throw a bigger soundstage than the Dynaudio's.

I expect these things to continue to improve too!

I would be glad to answer specific questions about the speakers. My system can be viewed in the Virtual System section.

Overall, however, I can say that they are a steal for the price (3k) and I will probably have these guys in my system for a good long time.

Go for it.
I built my speakers according to North Creek music systems philosophy. All of the enclosure and most of the x-over parts, less the drivers, are 'ala' NCMS. Mr. Short was helpful even though i wasn't building his kit speakers. The result is: breathtaking! I doubt that his speakers would be anything less than that.
Nice work mr. Eldragon! I hope they do not sound as forward and analytical as real Watt/Puppy, i assume you try to duplicate? What did you use for midrange and woofers? Those woofers look like 'mighty' Dynaudios.