North Creek DIY projects

I've been scanning the E-univers and came across a company called North Creek. I studied there products (projects) and was intriged at finding high quality at a low price point. Does anyone have any of there speakers (specifically the revelator series). I would like your honest opinion of them.
I don't have their kits, but do own some of their huge crossover coils. They're the real deal, and if you like DIY, you should go for it. One of my own designs (not finished yet, if it were a kit, it would be completed by now...) uses the Scanspeak Revelator 9900 tweeter. There is no better dome tweeter in the world, be it hard or soft material, IMHO. Any system that uses it can't go wrong. If you like DIY, you need to build one of North Creek's kits.
I built the Rhythm speaker kit. I did not use the Revelator but the value. I think they are great. I had the boxes made and assembled the crossover.