North Carolina Audio Club

Let's start a NC Audio Club. Any comments? Any suggestions about how to promote our interest and perhaps hear other folks systems, or benefit from their experiences?
Charlotte, NC chiming in. Hello all. Is there any club built up yet or should I start organizing one? I have already hosted and organized an audio event here in the mountains of North Carolina every year for 5 years running where folks fly or drive in from all over the US and Canada, so organizing something on the local scene would be a breeze.

I have been in this hobby since I was 8 years old listening to my Uncle Tommy's tube rig and after a 20 or so year hiatus, got back into it hardcore about 6 years ago. If nothing has been set up so far concerning the North Carolina Audio Club, let's stop the talk and walk the walk.

Are you still in the mountains? I am in Hendersonville area and would love to get together. Charlotte is a little far for me.
Ron Buffington of Liquid HiFi chiming in again.

The Charlotte Audiophile Society is not currently active although the leader of that group puts on a nice headphone show once a year.

I would be willing to host a group of 15-20 on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to demonstrate the systems I have on display.

Liquid HiFi currently has on display 7 systems at various price levels with many award winning products from many of the top manufacturers.

Interested parties organizing events please contact me direct to set up a meeting

thank you
I'm in Sanford. What do we need to do to get the ball rolling? Email me at
Ron, it seems as if this club has either disbanded or completely fallen apart due to no one actually responding in a timely manner for such a club, or even for such a clubs existence for that matter. I have interest in starting up either a Charlotte Audio Club or a regional audio club of some sort. As not to step on the toes of those who have preceded myself, this can be a separate or a combined club and I will always welcome those who came before me to join me or resume as they were to make this a wonderful experience for all that choose to participate. No matter whether it be more of a local thing or regional. Regardless of whatever may transpire, I will lead or assist as needed to make this a reality once again.

If you don't mind, we could have the first meeting and GTG at your pad to not only see what you have to offer but start the new chapter or rekindle the old one from there. I'll get in touch with you off of this forum to see what we can arrange and I look forward to making some headway toward making this actually happen.

In the meantime, could you be so kind as to forward me the contact information of the cat who is in charge of the currently defunct Charlotte Audiophile Society?

Until then, enjoy the music.