North Bergen County, NJ

Looking for Audiophile's for a local club. Listen & dicuss music and equipment. Nothing formal just fun.

Check out the New Jersey Audio Society

hifijunky I too would be interested in this. I live in Bergen county NJ and think that would be fun. Maybe you and me can start something together.. Write back , Mike 
Great to find someone interested. I am in Washington Township next to Paramus. Contact me at [email protected]
Many of the New Jersey Audio Society meetings are in northern NJ, although some are held in central and southern NJ.  I am a club officer, so I am biased, but I have found this to be a very friendly, unpretentious group of music lovers and audiophiles.  

You can get more information at the web site

We welcome guests to try us out without any obligation to join by attending one of our monthly meetings.  If they enjoy the meeting, they can join.  Dues are $60 per year, and include monthly meetings with lunch, our summer barbecue, and annual holiday party.