North Acoustics Kitty Kat Revelator

Hello interested in a pair of North Acoustics
Kitty Kat Revelator speakers

What's the question? North Creek a great company, with sweet sounding speakers. George Short and the guy who builds his cabinets, both good to deal with.
Hello Brewster

Don't know your budget or if your planing to do some assembly yourself - I've just completed a kit design for the nice folks at ScanSpeak it will go up on our website this week I hope. The kit will be available through Madisound as well as through us.

The B741 features top of the line ScanSpeak Illuminator drivers 2 ea. 7" woofers, a 4" mid range unit and their Beryllium Tweeter in a modest sized enclosure. Absolute top notch performance for relatively little money - the ScanSpeak Drivers are expensive though - parts cost is in the $ 3750 area not counting cabinets - which will be offered - along with a set of plans if you want to do your own.

Good Listening

Hello I have a pair of North Acoustics
Kitty Kat Revelator speakers
I'm interested in finding a used pair

North Creek doesn't come up here much, Bruce. I don't think either George or his customers tend to be Audiogon types. (Lee Taylor is the guy who builds cabinets for NC; I omitted his name in my last post.)

Sounds like a great kit, Peter.