North Acoustics Kitty Kat

Has anyone listened to these speakers? If so, what is your opinion of them? I'm looking for speakers to go on shelves or very close to walls in a small room and would like to avoid getting a sub to expand the sound of a small monitor speaker.
I'm breaking in a pair right now. After about 60 hours they are beginning to sound very impressive. Hard to believe the bass output these little guys can produce. I spent some time with the Burmester CD-3 and Chesky's Ultimate Demonstration disk tonight and was quite happy with what I heard. So far I can say that they are highly articulate, dynamic and project a wide soundstage with depth. I suspect that I'm only about half way through the necessary breakin period, however. Highs are still a bit metallic sounding and instruments with high frequency transients like the cassaba don't yet sound "real". On the other hand, most other instruments sound very, very realistic. I'll try to check back with this thread once I have another 50 or so hours on these speakers.
I'm up to about 100 hours now and I'm really pleased. My previous speakers were North's Okara II Upgraded monitors. I used a stereo pair of North's Thunder subwoofers to fill out the bottom end and act as stands. With the Kitty Kat Revelators, I have stopped using the subwoofers if that tells you anything. The KKRs provide lots of detail, are realistic and musical, and the bass is very tunable by adjusting proximity to the wall and with the adjustable straws in the rear mounted port. ***In my system*** they are great speakers. FWIW, my front end is a Wadia CDP and Plinius amp. Anti cables all around and the speakers are biwired. Good luck!