Norh SE9 or Jolida tube intergrated.....

any thoughts on these cost effective tubies...maybe antique sound labs as well? thanks...
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It will be hard to compare the SE9 to the Jolida since they use totally different approaches. The SE9 is a SET low power tube and the Jolida is PP higher power. I haven't heard the Se9 but the Jolida 202 and 502 sound very good for the price. So do the Antique sound labs Orchid and 1003 (SET and PP respectively). I would recommend any of these 4 as long as care is taken in choosing the speakers they are paired with (especially the SETs which would work well with Omega speakers BTW ;). Arthur
FYI, The SE9 is NOT a SET amp. I believe it is a single ended amp running in Pentode mode (SEP). This had been discussed at length on the HarmonicDiscord Site.


I stand corrected. I think actually that the Orchid is the same way (a SEP). Either way, a single-ended amp will have different requirements than a push-pull, which was my main point. Overall, I would probably go with Antique Sound labs for low cost tubes. Their sound and build seems to be of super high value and I am planning on getting one soon. Arthur