nOrh CD-1 Anyone using this unit?

I've read the review on TNT on the CD-l and it seems to offer a lot for the buck $799US. The Heart 5000 & 6000 modified Marantz units look interesting too. The Tjoeb 4000 also offers tubes on the cheap. Anyone tried any of the above? I don't expect the moon from these players, just a great deal of fun.....any thoughts? Thanks, Bluenose
I haven't heard these units, but someone on Audio Asylum said that the transport and DAC were pretty much the same as some of the Cal Audio seperates (they're made in the same Thai factory), and that's a good thing. I think they probably are a pretty good player. They also give you the benefit of tube rolling to customize the sound to your liking. I was thinking about buying one myself, but decided to go with the EVS dac so I could play both DVDs and CDs thru it.
I have two AH! tjoeb '99's and the CD-1 replaced one of those in my reference system. There are several improvements going to the nOrh.

For one thing the AH!'s have a bumped up midrange at the expense of the highest highs. The frequency response of the cd-1 is very flat and detailed. The soundstage of the AH! was in front of the speakers while the soundstage of the CD-1 is even with or behind the speakers.

The AH! suffered some muddying of complicated passages due to a cheap transport causing jitter IMHO. The CD-1 has a much higher quality build than the AH! and I have noticed no problems. It is very musical and I couldn't be happier.