Norh ACA preamp

Has anyone heard this preamp? I'm still leaning towards a CJ PFR pre to go with CJ MF-2200 amp, but the Norh has everything you could want in a preamp except remote (PFR has remote). According to their web sight, they use only the best of parts ie Dact c-2 volume control. It has a phono stage, headphone output, video pass thru, and copy output(not sure what that is exactly). It is a dual mono design, two piece system designed by Werner Hartinger from Audioform (not familiar with him). All this for under $1000. Don't know how it would match up with my CJ but it sure is tempting me. Any opinions? As always your input is appreciated.
From what I've read, they're very nice (some poeple have reviewed them at I think the copy out is just a fixed output...they included it so you could have an output running to your computer, if you're into that sort of thing. I suppose it could also run to a tape deck just as easily.
Hey Phild, You are the one who told me about Norh in a previous post. Audioreview also has 3 reviews which it gets a 5 point rating.
everything gets 5 stars on audioreview
Yeah...they're definitely interesting. I was checking out preamp options when I heard about the Don Morrison models. I researched those at and ran across someone comparing them to a nOrh, and saying that they liked the nOrh better...that's how I first heard about nOrh. They're both simple, SS preamps and they're both supposed to be extremely transparent. The nOrh has a few nice features and more inputs than the Don Morrison (video pass, copy out, MM phone stage) may also have some better parts. Unfortunately, neither has enough inputs for me, and I'm using a MC cartridge on my phono. The nOrh and the Don Morrison have similar disadvantages...there's no way to audition them (unless you find an owner that's willing to show their's off), and I don't quite know what their return policies are. Both are priced very fairly, considering that a Pass Aleph P has only four inputs and sold for $3500-$4000, depending on the model. Don't get me wrong...I own a used Aleph's built like a tank and it sounds great. However, these units probably offer very similar performance, if not better, for much much less.