NOrdost with bottom end....

I do like the airy, open presentation of NOrdost spk cables...but crave a more substantial bottom end(just ask my girlfriend! sorry...) any rate...on paper looks like DH labs q10 and Analysis plus oval 9...any other cable that comes to mind with this level of resolution,extension,transparency,and bass response?...
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Try BEL-The Wire, My dealer (Audio Elation) replaced all the Vallhala cables in his showroom wirh BEL cables.
I agree. I used to own SPM Ref. and they were thin sounding and not very focused. Cardas cables are much heavier in the bottom.
I have enjoyed Clements RT-7 speakers with transmission line bass, and ribbon tweeters. Originally, Alpha Core Goertz MI-3 had replaced my Nordost to fulfill need for attributes you describe; MI-2, and MI-3 share similar voicing, in their respective power handling ranges, according to tech support at the factory.
Then, I was blown away by the added three dimensionality, black silent background, and fine detailing of a new guy on the block, [email protected], whose direct marketed designs deserve a place in your personal home shootout.
Eight foot speaker cables list at $180 per pair, and his interconnects list at $120 per pair.
If I had not had my own money back home trial, I would have never dreamed that any bargain priced products could really be good enough. They are too cheap for the rich kids to take seriously before listening, and often the new audiophile starting with bargain priced interconnects, and speaker cables, like these, may simply lack the experience or equipment to hear all the relative quality of these high performance speaker cables, and interconnects.
Incidentally, they also allowed my stand mounted Reference 1 monitor speakers from Platinum Audio, and my Duntech Wallspeakers to fulfill their potential. And, they also share the qualities you stated you prefer. For my listening, I find that the bass is so satisfying, no sub-woofers need apply ( dinosaur footsteps, excepted.)
have you tried any of the dh labs or AP cables yet? i'm interested cus i also want to try either to hopefully open up some air on the top end of my monitor audio silvers that have an extremely mellow treble. i'm using MIT cables left over from my old speakers that i'm pretty sure roll off the top end. not a good match for my warm speakers i think.
Nordost SPM thin and unfocused? Phew. Not in my system! I also tried "warmer" cables, realizing pretty quickly that top-rolling was their trick. With a very clean, high rez system the SPM are superb, and indeed better balanced than the edgier Red Dawn, and simply more resolving, and indeed weightier than Blue Heaven. OTOH they're overpriced, but I got mine for 1/3 here on the 'gon.