Nordost vs NBS

I am looking for anyone who has direct comparisons between these two brands in terms system matching and which might make the best interconnect cable purchase for tube components like Audio Research.
Sdrconsultant: First you say that you will try to be objective and then the first comment is to dismiss NBS because he used to work as a car salesman (perhaps being a car salesman should be included as part of the criminal record!) Did you even know that Mark Levinson didn't even have an engineering degree? ( I think that he didn't even have a college degree) Maybe we should dismiss his Levinson and Cello products also! Some companies hire engineers to do their research, have you considered that?
I must agree with Mgottlieb on his reaction to that seemingly uncalled for comment on the integrity of a well respected cable Mfg by Sdrconsultant. I own both NBS Statement III and Nordost Vahalla's and find them both superb units in my system. Also as Bryceeboy stated I've found Mr Fields of NBS to be the"perfect gentleman" in my dealings with him also, only too willing to stand behind his product.
I would add my displeasure at such a comment and grave distrust of any "Dealer" who deemed to launch a personal attack such as posted above-- shame!
Indeed a disservice to all of us.

Sdrconsultant; I appreciate your disclosure in the opening paragraph, but I must strongly disagree with the philosophy of "Don't panic you can always change your gear".
This is the type of thinking that has led many audiophiles to financial ruin. Under no circumstances should any enthusiast abandon an amplifier or component that is in their system because the "perfect cable", has just made it unlistenable. Since we live in an inperfect audio world,with many dark and bright sounding component personalities, I see nothing wrong with cable augmentation as a beneficial move towards better music........Frank
Thanks to all of you for your most valuable responses. I am now auditioning two Nordost quattro fils between my digital front ends including a SCD-1 for SACD replay. The Nordost ICs work very well at this point, but I when placed a quattro Fil between my ARC VT-100MKII amp and ARC Reference 2 pre-amp, I found the sound very disappointing. It lacked weight was rather anemic compared to my present Tara Decade. I have heard good things about NBS and will try one of their ICs between my pre-amp and amp.

On another note, I am sorry the Sdrconsultant posted such a derogatory response about NBS. Is this why my "NBS vs Nordost" topic was apparantly deleted by the moderators? I only wished to glean information about about these two products from others who have had experience from these two cable manufactures.
I have NBS cables all around and bought some Nordost cables because of all the people who love them. I tried Quattrofils as interconnects and although they sound great, I felt they weren't quite as natural sounding as my NBS Statements. I have gone back and forth several times to make sure, each time leaving the cables in for at least a week. Although they are more expensive, I prefer the NBS.