Nordost vs Maestro 2 vs Kimber Hero

Am trying to decide on interconnects. Recently acquired Kora Galaxy, Eclipse and hermes 2, (Amp,Preamp,DAC, all tube)and a Xindak scd-2 SACD player. Need some advice on which would be the best interconnects. Or maybe there is a better suggestion in the same range. This is primarily for Classical and Jazz, Lots of piano!! Thank you for your help
Nordost is the best, I learned this first hand from a friend with a top notch system that illustrated the difference. Their patened technology is so good that NASA uses them. Nordost developed a construction technique which dramatically reduces the effect that the cables insulation has on signal transmission, called Micro Monofilament Technology. People slack them for their prices but you will notice a difference in your system.
I prefer the Hero over the other two mentioned.......There are better wires than the Hero out there, but think you are on the right track with the Hero.....