Nordost VS Kimber Speaker cables


I am in search of new speaker cables and would welcome some observations on which might be best for my system. I am considering the Nordost Red Dawn, Kimber Bifocal Xl and Kimber Monocle XL. My System:
ARC LS-3 preamp
Bryston 4B-ST amp
Main CDX CD Player
Revel F30 speakers
Kimber Hero interconnects

Thank you for your insights.
The Kimber Bifocals are nice cables IMO. Try to audition a few.
I tried the Kimber Bifocals on a solid state amp about 3 years ago. didn't care for it that much as far as the sound is concerned. nothing spectacular. Very over prized. looked impressive though, but looks can be VERY decieving. i have not tried nordost Red Dawn. I would STRONGLY advise in home audition of anything that you are considering before purchasing