Nordost vs Chord Co

Im looking at Nordost Blue Heaven or Chord Co Chamelon.... They are both silver plated copper interconnects.... Anyone compare the two or any comments.....The iC is for my CD player.....I am slowly adding silver to my system to bring out more air....
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Audio Alchemy DDS III Modified CD player
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I've had the Blue Heaven's in my system, but not the Chamelon's. However, I'm currently using the Silver Siren's which I believe is the model just below the Chamelon in the Chord line. I've also been testing a few others and I'll share my experience with these as well. You might not care; but just in case.

I've gone through several pairs of cables over the past months trying to find the right combination for my system.

I enjoyed many things about the BH's and they were one of the most revealing cables I tried. The bass was to die for. Tight, fast and accurate. Vocals and instruments sounded very realistic. This is fast and detailed cable. However, they could not match some of the other with soundstage width and depth. Just sounded a little flat in comparison.

In the end there was just something about their sound that I foud tiresome when listening for extended periods or at higher levels. Can't really put my finger on it because I wouldn't say they sounded etched at all. Detail is great, but I want a cable that just pulls me into the music. This one did, but not to the extent of some of the others. Still they were a special cable for sure and in the right system I'm sure they would be killer.

The Sirens have many of the same characteristics and to me are much easier to listen to. They do not have the level of resolution or the speed of the BH's, but they're very close and present a better soundstage. Instruments are very well placed with both cables.

I've had a few other Chord cables in my sytem, primarily becasue I have a Naim CD5i CDP and these are the cables most often recommended by Naim owners, other than stock Naim cables.

I tried the Chrysalis, Cobra, Cobra III, and Sirens. All were very good, but I liked the Siren's the best, with the Cobra III a very close second. The Cobra III is a very versatile cable that could fit many needs and in a brighter system I could see how some could easily prefer this cable.

The Chrysalis is also a very good cable that just sounds rite for some reason. However, they roll of the bass and treble just enough to bother me. This is one of Chord's cheaper cables, but the favorite of many Naim users. It is also the cable Naim recommends. Maybe in an all Naim system; but not in mine.

The Cobra is also a very good cable and as you might expect sounds much like the Cobra III with a little less detail. However, it has a better soundstage. Very warm sounding.

Now to the winner in my system. The Eichmann Express-4. I bought this cable as part of a package deal with two of the Chord cables. I hooked it up and could not believe how well it worked in my system. I tried it in combination with every other cable I had and used it between the CDP to pre-amp and pre-amp to power amp. Every cable sounded better when used in conjunction with this cable regardless of where it was placed.

What a wonderful surprise. I didn't really even give this cable a second thought when I bought it and it turned out to be my favorite. I'm currently using the Siren from CDP to pre and the Eichmann from pre to power. However, I was so impressed with this cable that I just bought two pairs of the eXpress-6 series II cables. They will be here next week, can't wait.

Long post and way off the point, sorry. But, I'm always interested to read others cable experiences and thought I'd share mine. Hope you don't mind.

Bottom line is the Siren worked better in my system than the Blue Heaven, so I would imagine the Chameleon might be even better.
Personally, I love Blue Heavens.
They aren't perfect though: A little bright sounding with some gear. They also seem a little more likely to pick up outside noise.
On the + side: They are very airy and open sound. I've never found them to dull or interfere with sound quality.
They are definately 2 different sounding cables. The Nordost is more airy and open in the upper treble......The Chord is really good cable but the Nordost opens the system more.....So Nordost it is.....
I've just purchased Nordost Blue Heaven Interconnect and speaker cables. They are out of this world!!! I can't imagine my system sounding any better than this.

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