Nordost Valhalla. vs Transparent Ref XL

I just finished comparing the Valhalla with the Ref XL and WOW!!! I compared a complete set of the Ref XLs with a complete set of the Valhallas and the Valhallas won easily. Much greater resolution, detail, musicality, etc. Bass seemed to have greater texture and seemed a bit tighter as well. Everything seemed more extended. There were more highs without harshness, and fuller sweeter midrange. And speed... incredibly fast. I have not heard anything that keeps up with it.

I have always been a great fan of the Transparent line and while I do believe the $23,000 Opus speaker cable is a totally different ballgame, I really think that the Valhalla is probably right between the RefXL and Opus for much less money.

Has anyone else compared the Valhalla's with other cables?
jonathan, my system has 2 sets of valhallas and 2 sets of transparent ref xl. these are all balanced interconnects. i am useing the transparent opus mm speaker cable. since i have a 30 foot fun of ref. xl between my preamp and amp i have not tried the valhallas exclusively as interconnects. i am tempted to replace my 30 foot run with valhalla but am waiting for the opus interconnect and will want to be able to get the trade-in with transparent. in comparing the 2 in my system i agree with your comments. the openness of the valhalla is the best i've heard in an interconnect. the ref. xl is still very good and among the very best at any price. as we discussed this before i don't need to mention the performance of the opus.
Mikelavigne: I am amazed. The question really is how much better can it still get over the opus? I would have bought the Opus MM, but I thought enough was enough. $23,000 was the straw that broke the camel's back. I can take that money and use it for an ivy league college education for my son. :)

The Valhalla is a big step up for me over the Ref XL and I am happy today - One day at a time!
Forgive my ignorance, who manufactures Opus speaker cables and where are they obtainable?
Are they available in IC's or only spkr cable!
Transparent Opus MM. As of today, they are only available in speaker cables. They will be releasing the IC's in the near future.