Nordost Valhalla RCA vs. Wireworld Platinum Eclips

Any one heard this cables side by side?
Thank you.
Everything is dependent on your equipment matching.
I'm sorry but I can't help you with this exact combination of cables, but I can say that after using Wireworld Platinum Eclipse for a couple of weeks I'm quite shocked that the sound could improve that much.
This cables are a completely different story than all other cables I have used. I could write several A4 pages about them, but just want say that they are completely out of the way.
Never have I had this little colouration in my system. Timing, soundstage resolution, weight and clarity are on a completely new level compared to the best cables I have used so far.
My other cables I still own: Magnan Silverbronze, WW Gold Eclipse 5.2, Nordost Quattro fil, Silversmith Palladium, Von Gaylord Chinchilla 2.

Loudspeaker cables:
Magnan Signature for mid and treble
MIT MH-850 CVT Evo Shotgun for bass

Platinum Eclipse are one of those components that can transform your system. I'm extremely satisfied with my three pairs.
I recommend that you try them before buying anything else.
An update to my former post:

On my quest to find the best sound possible for my system I found that MIT Oracle 2.1 are as good as Wireworld Platinum.
Slightly different flavour, but both let the music through in the most uncoloured way I have heard so far.

MIT are little bit better at giving individual instruments their full acoustic sound.
Platinum on the other hand are the only one of these that occasionally make me turn off the music because I think I hear something at a distance outside the house.
But mostly I'm mistaken.
It's a matter of low frequency resolution where Platinum are better than Oracle 2.1
Spooky realism...
curious how well WW Platinum can do compared to Stealth Dream V10. Platinum has slightly higher MSRP