Nordost Valhalla "revised" ?

It's got to be coming soon. Anyone have info as to when this might occur? With the revised Norse line it seems logical a Valhalla 2 is around the corner..
My dealer recently demo'd the difference between Valhalla and lesser Nordost and what I'm currently using. Though skeptical, I was impressed and did actually perceive significantly more musical detail with the Valhalla. Given recent Nordost rep demo night which I missed, I was still privy to the 25% off proffered during the Nordost demo. So I pulled the trigger. Two pairs of 1M interconnect and 4M speaker cable is still going to be just shy of 20 large with the promo price, MI sales tax etc. As my luck runs, I will virtually guarantee Nordost will have a press release in the next month or two degrading my 20K investment significantly. On the brighter side, it should allow me to buy the last 1.5M link from pre to power amp at a better price for a previously "burned in" pair.
Well no matter what Nordost does you will have great cables..Very doubtful that there is a breakthrough in technology for a new revised model.
Hi Jshulak,

Countless times hearing "this is a Valhalla killer" and IMO and in my system Valhalla still sits as the winner and my favorite!! You even hear this about the Nordost line- up cables and yet the Valhalla to me still has a good margin of superiority. I beginning to think the Odin is the only cable that could make me want to part with the Valhalla. Enjoy listen to music with these extraordinary cables.