Nordost Valhalla 2... When?

Anyone know when it's going to be introduced?It's coming for sure.
Lars told me sometime in 2013.
as an option below odin?
Heard about it. Can't wait. Maybe there is a waiting list?
Anyone know what the pricing will be like vs. the current Valhalla? I wonder if the current ones will drop in price as well...

From what i saw from hunting Valhallas and the little brothers below it, prices for new cables from the introduction of Norse 2 led the dealers to halve the price of the original Norse.

Now let's see (Fingers crossed).
If what you are saying is true, Adg243, then this makes these cables worth investigating.
As you say, "fingers crossed"


Curiosity killed the cat. I came across a pair of used nordost valhalla speaker cable.

Man oh man. Now i found out why Valhalla remains as reference in many audio reports within the last 11 years.

The heimdalls are fine cables. The tyr are better than the heimdalls. But the valhallas is certainly a new whole level.

Now i hear more music. Not the equipment.