Nordost Tyr vs Valhalla

I recently tried some new interconnects in my system,(posted), primarily from source components. I am currently using the Shunyata Aries with RCA. This is a very fine cable. I tried the Nordost heimdal and though this was quiet and good dynamics it lost a lot of mico-dynamics and natural timbre that the Aries had. I did try the frey some time ago with a completely different set up and did not notice much difference between the heimdal but that was completely different set up. I now have a pair of Valhalla's on loan and am very impressed. Imagining is much more precise, micro dynamics are much improved, bass is extented but more controlled, timbre is so very nice. I am hearing little nuances that I never heard before. When I go back to the Aries, all the information is there but not with the degree of clarity and three dimensional quality. I really like the valhalla's but really struggle with the cost when compaired to the rest of the system. Anyone compare the Tyr and Valhalla that could comment on my observations?
Hello Davt,

This is not from my first hand experience but from what I've heard is that the Tyr is not quite as full in tone and images don't develop quite as full or as rounded in sound as the Valhalla. Also, the sense of relaxation and ease is supposed to be better with Valhalla.

If you do a search on A'gon on Valhalla vs. ---- you'll find no shortage of comparisons and opinions because Valhalla was the cable many compared their cables to.

For me and in my system the Valhalla was (is) extraordinary! I have yet to hear its equal in regards to low level resolution of detail. Hope you find the cable that will do the same for you.

I use Valhalla IC's, PC's and spkr cables throughout my system, but not exclusively because they can get to be too much of a god thing. But if you find the cost of Valhallas too dear, try looking for used Valkyrje's. For some reason, Nordost discontinued them but they offer 85-90% of Valhallas at much reduced cost. I use a pair in my BR system and they are very fine.

HI, Silkworm +,will destroy the valhalla, in tonal acuracy, Bass,and dinamics, the only cable that bettered Both, was the stealth indra,in the same price range of the valhalla, three times the price of the Silkworm (KCI).

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Davt, you really need to compare for yourself.

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You may find this review interesting... No easily discernible difference between the two cables. I use the Valhalla in my VPI tonearm and the Tyr from the junction to the preamp; when I tried the Valhalla over the Tyr I also heard no discernible difference.