Nordost Tyr vs Audience Au24e

Is there anyone who had a chance to compare those cables? Especially IC's. I know that both are fast, detailed with lots of air. What im interested in is which of those two gives more body to the sound. I use a Cardas right now and would like to switch to something more detailed and fast without being edgy and lean. Is this a way to go?
If you are used to Cardas you will be initially shocked by the difference moving to either Nordost or Audience. In my set up I tried Nordost ICs and found them harsh (hemdall I think). Went to an all Audience Au24e set up (speaker, power and IC) and was initially blown away with the detail and air. However it was too much of a good thing especially on poor recordings so I put Cardas IC's back in and all was well.

Guess it depends on your amp, speakers and other cables. I'm using tubes & Harbeth's.
What i really love in Cardas is timbre. The resolution is crap, rolled of highs and muddy bas. I would like to have the best of both worlds without me having to rob a bank. I don't know if it is possible, but heard much about Au24s and Tyr not being lean or harsh and still delivering all details in music.I know that It's down to my ears, but Audience cables are hard to get in my area and I want to know if it's worth some extra effort to get them for an audition.

My friends say "just go with MIT", but i would have to sell my kidney to get those... ;-)
You can always try the Cable company with their lending program. I own Nordost Frey's (ic and sc) and never thought of them as bright or edgy. Now I am currently demoing the Nordost Series2. Much more liquid and warmer sounding. I really like the Tyr2 ic with my original Frey sc but the Frey2 sc is even better. Personally the Tyr2 ic and sc seem too warm for my tastes or maybe it's what I am accustom to hearing. But that is my opinion.
Go straight with Nordost Tyr. The nordost sound is very neutral.
I have never heard Nordost, however, I used to own Cardas Golden Reference and Audience AU24, and auditioned the AU24e in my system. I never found the Golden Ref rolled at the top. I too enjoyed its timbre, but also found its imaging/soundstaging to be excellent. To my ears, its full sound comes considerably closer to resembling what I hear at live concerts than all other cables I have heard with the exception of KCI Silkworm Plus and Purist Proteus Provectus. By contrast, both the AU24 and 24e sounded hi fi-ish in my system. But, of course, we're dealing with individual tastes and differences in associated equipment. Your own ears are all that matter...and all you have.
I just upgraded from AZ Satori SC's to Nordost Tyr with the sales going on, couldn't resist. Huge improvement in detail and speed. They are still breaking in, but the detail is there without being lean, just sounds higher quality :-).
I would like to try Nordost 2 series, but I usually buy used gear. If I go with Tyr, i might get a new one since there are sales of the old series with good prices. I tried the Frey. The detail and speed was breathtaking, it wasn't bright or sharp at all, but in my system it sounded a bit lean. Frey with a bit more body to the sound would be perfect! I heard that Tyr is a more analog-like and fuller sounding. Any suggestions on what other stuff I should audition would be much appreciated guys.
I tried the Frey. The detail and speed was breathtaking, it wasn't bright or sharp at all, but in my system it sounded a bit lean.
I though the same thing when I first auditioned the Frey but later realized what I was hearing was more 'air' between the instruments and vocals. Unfortunately at that time my local Nordost dealer didn't have the Tyr's. Valhalla was the best but too far away from my price range.
Yesterday i connected Tyr to my equipment. Comparing to Frey it's a whole different beast! It has much more weight and is really smooth. I sounds more analog-like to me. I was searching for something that will give me the best of Frey and my Cardas Golden Presence and I think that Tyr ticks all the right boxes! Great cable!
I have Tyr xlr in my system. Upgraded from Heimdall and the difference was pretty significant. Much more body on instruments. With Heimdall, acoustic guitars sounded a bit metallic (more string, less body). With the Tyr you can hear the whole instrument (body + string), if that makes sense. Percussion is more three dimensional sounding. Everything thickened up quite a bit, though in no perforative sense whatsoever. Sounds marvelous to me.
What gear did you use "the one" for?
The nordost Tyr is great it is full and open sounding which allows you to have a great mix of body and dynamics.