Nordost Tyr series 1 vs. Nordost Frey 2

I was wondering if anyone has heard and compared these 2 cables from Nordost (speaker or interconnect cables). I am not sure how the series one of Nordost differs from series 2 and trying to decide which cables to buy. With the discounts on the original Nordost cables, a Tyr 1 cable can be purchased for the same price as a new model Frey 2. The question is, how do they compare? Any feedback would be appreciated.
I have heard both at different times and own Frey 2 but not much difference to me,
If you look at the specifications you'll see Frey has just 2 more conductors of the same gauge, capacitance and inductance are almost the same (low) with Frey's resistance slightly better than Tyr.

Know nothing of the Frey interconnect, I use Valhalla and appreciate it very much.

These cables take forever to burn in, dark then bright then dark again ,my point is listen to them after your dealer has burnt them in for you, before you judge them.