Hello, I have AM TRANSCENDANCE; think I am happy, but am feeling the itch.
Has anyone any experience between the two, please?
I have owned the Thor twice, both times in different systems and neither time i kept it. The price was 800gbp so the price was OK but from memory i preferred the Audience Adept Response, SR Powercell 10SE MK111 and Running Springs Dmitri which i still have today. I have had no experience with the Audio Magic Transcendence. If the Running Springs Dmitri is in your budget thats the best conditioner i have ever used, the SR Powercell 10 SE MK111 and Audience are both good, the Audience being very dynamic and SR Powercell 10 SE MK111 had a warmer sound but again very good. I also tried various Isolation transformers but found they limited the dynamics but did offer other improvements, lots of Audiophiles in the UK are using Balanced Mains Units, i have had no experience myself. I would for get the Thor, hope this helps.
I have the Audio Magic Transcendence and love it. I am also interested in the Nordost Thor, but have not had it in my system to trial it. The Transcendence is the quietest power conditioner I've heard.